NOTE - two of the stickers have already been placed on the poster. Otherwise this is in brand-new condition and all the pieces are included in the original box.
Hooked on Phonics Master Reader was designed especially for children ages 7 and up who have mastered basic reading skills but need a boost to read with speed, accuracy, and confidence. Master Reader's award-winning system teaches kids how to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and spend less time and effort sounding out each word using a balanced approach to reading that pairs systematic instruction with engaging stories and books. Reading success is guaranteed because each lesson is supported with lots of fun and entertaining practice activities and kid-appealing reading materials.
Includes 4 chapter books, 4 easels, 64 story cards, 4 CD ROMs, a progress poster with stickers and a parent's guide.
Designed for children ages 7 and up.